Curry Rice / カレーライス

Curry is origin in India. They use a lot of spices and the taste incredibly delicious.

I have tried many Indian restaurant in all the world, also my Indian friend some times cooked for me when I was in Canada.

All of them were Gachi de yummy without any exception. Especially, I love nan bread eating with curry. Also tandoori chicken is so nice.

In Japan, you can fine many good Indian restaurant which is managed by real Indian people.

You can eat curry there by really reasonable price such as 6 EUR and you can get curry, huge nan, tandoori chicken and drink!

I and my wife is big eater but we became supper full every time.

I have tried Indian curry in Netherland as well, taste is also great! However, the price is 15-20 EUR which is actually 3 times more expensive than Japan.

In here, I will show you how to cook Japanese style curry at your home by low cost.

I think cost is just 1-2 EUR per person !


What is difference between Japanese curry and Indian curry ?


A big difference is viscosities. Indian curry is more like liquid and eat with indica rice or nan.

Japanese curry is thicker because of flour included in it and we eat it with Japanese rice.

Japanese curry is, of course, origin in India and came into Japan 17 century through UK.  

Around 1772 , first curry came into UK by Warren Hastings, then they invented curry powder.

The Book of Household Management, which was piblished in 1861 the recipe that is made with flour was introduced and it means recipe was already evolved in UK, then came into Japan.

After that Japanese people evolved it again bThe Book of Household Managementy our own way.


Katsu Curry

Japanese style curry is very flexible. It means that you can add any ingredients as you like.

Chicken curry, Pork curry, fish curry, and vegetables. However, the curry I recommended the best is “Katsu curry”.

Katsu is, so to speak, Schnitzel. Just put any schnitzels on the curry rice and it became powerful and yummy!

Please refer to my recipe how to cook “Tonkatsu”.

I recommend it especially for guys, you must be full when you eat it up.

Furthermore, if you add some special source on it, it is gonna be perfect!

When I was single, I went to curry restaurant called “Cocoichi” (the most famous curry chain restaurant in Japan) every day , and ordered Katsu curry.

I gained 10 kg in half year. It made me to join training gym because my wife was disappointed to see body and made me lose my weight before my marriage!


The easiest recipe


ngredients ( For 3-4 dishes) 


Beef :300g (Pork, chicken)

Onion :2pcs


Curry paste ( please see photo)




Potato :2 pcs

Egg plant





  • Cook rice by rice cooker (must be Japanese rice)
  • Cut meats and vegetables into bite size
  • Heat meats , carrot and potato (ingredients which takes long time to cook) in the pot
  • Heat the other ingredients and pour water into pot, simmer over middle heat for 20 minutes.
  • Add curry paste and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes.
  • Serve with cooked rice.