Chirashi Sushiちらし寿司

Chirashi Sushiちらし寿司 (Easy recipe)

(Home made style sushi)


Sushi is the most famous Japanese food.

You may know Sushi has mainly two style , Nigiri sushi and Maki sushi.

Probably, you may imagine that all Japanese people cook them in each home.

Actually the answer is 50% yes, 50% no.

The truth is that we normally do not cook Nigiri sushi nor Maki sushi, we have special home made sushi recipe, called “Chirashi Sushi” (correct pronunciation Chirashizushi).

Chirashi Sushi is very easy to cook, if you want to cook by the easiest way, Chirashi Sushi seasoning mix is the best solution.

You just mix it with steam rice, that’s it ! Gachi de yummy!

Actually, most of Japanese people just use the mix, no body cook it by professional way.

I introduce the easiest way today!  I will also introduce original recipe without seasoning mix someday.

However, actually taste is not so different if you cook by original way… so my recommendation is to use seasoning mix !

Easy recipe





Japanese rice : 3 cups (Yumenishiki Recommended)

Egg : 3 pcs

Chirashizushi Seasoning mix : 1 pkt (Chinese supermarket)



Sashimi (see images)

(Tuna, Salmon, Squid , as you like)

Shrimps (boiled)

Ikura(Salmon egg)

Sliced Lotus roots(boiled)

Sliced Shitake (boiled)

Sugar snap(boiled)

Beni-shouga (red pickled ginger )


  1. Cook rice with rice cooker and make it steam rice (must be Japanese rice)
  2. Mix the rice and Chirashizushi seasoning mix in a bowl.
  3. Cool it down as normal temperature.
  4. Cook fried egg (Tamagoyaki Style)
  5. Prepare recommended ingredients.
  6. Decorate the fried eggs on the rice.
  7. Decorate recommended ingredients on the rice.


Please refer to photos for decoration.