-Japanese style deep fried chicken-

Karaage is also most popular Japanese soul food that is often made in each home.

If you go to Japanese events, you can find many Karaage shops.-t

Karaage is so to speak, Japanese style fried chicken.

Also it is super easy and Gachi de tasty! We eat it as lunch, dinner, for snack, any time (but not for breakfast!). I eat it 50 times in a year , that is why my skin is always oily.

Normally, we use leg part of chicken because it is softer but some famous restaurant use breast part and it is really depends which part you like, Leg part is juicy and breast part is healthy.

There are many recipes but I introduce the easiest recipe that you can cook in Europe.

<Ingredients >

Soy source :100ml

Ginger paste : 1/2 spoon

Garlic paste : 1 spoon

Potato Starch

Remark: normally we use flour but I would recommend potato starch because it makes chicken Gachi de crispy!

Chicken (leg part) 350g

Lemon slice (optional)



  1. Make ginger and garlic paste with food processor.
  2. Mix Soy source, Ginger paste and garlic paste. (2)
  3. Soak chicken in (2) for few second then coat it with Potato Starch
  4. Coat chicken with potato starch properly in order to make them crispy.
  5. Fry chickens in 160 ℃ oil for 3 minutes and it is ready to eat.
  6. If you like more crispy, put them into 180 ℃ oil again for 1 minutes.



<The easiest recipe>

There is super easy way to cook Karaage.

It is to use Karaage seasoning mix which you can find Japanese brand in Chinese super market.

Method is just mix chicken with this magical powder and fry them in oil. That is it. Gachi de easy and you can save lot of your time for cooking. Of course it is including MSG but taste is absolutely yummy.