Rice / 米

Japanese need rice.

We cannot live without rice.

We eat rice every day, especially old Japanese only accepts rice, no bread.

As you know that rice is staple food for Japanese, it is just same as bread in European people.

Of course, we have many kinds of excellent rice in Japan, there is more than 300 kind of rice are in the market.


History of Japanese rice


For Japanese, rice has been a good friend. The history is very long.

3000 years ago, Japanese people already made rice.

The climate of Japan is suitable for rice growing because there is particular seasons which is rainy and not rainy.

Therefore, it is quite natural thing that Japanese eat rice every day.


What is Japanese rice?

I mentioned that we have 300 kinds of rice in japan but actually many other country produce rice as well.

They say there are more than 1000 kind on the world.

Actual name of Japanese rise is Japonica. Characteristics of Japonica is oval, gooey, and sweet.

Japonica is very suitable to eat as plain rice, or for sushi.

The taste of them is amazing, you can only eat white rice without any other dishes.

Apart from Japonica, the famous rice is Indica which is made in India, Thailand, China.(Long grain, dry and suitable for curry, fried rice)

The famous Japanese rice brands.

There are various kind of rice in Japan but branded rice is better quality.

The famous one is Koshihikari. Koshihikari is made in every where in Japan.

Apart from Koshihikari, also many brands are produced depend on the climate of the regions.

In Tohoku (north side), Hitomebore  Akitakomachi  are famous. In west side, Hinohikari has been produced recently.



No.1 production volume in Japan.

This is the most famous rice brand, which is produce in Niigata prefecture or many regions.

Flavor and smells are better, and more gooey, price is expensive but Japanese love this rice.



No.2 production volume in Japan. Compare with Koshihikari, this rice is a bit bigger and sticky.

This rice is suitable for of course Japanese dishes but also for Chinese, and Italian food.

This is also expensive branded rice.



No.3 production volume, mainly produced in west side of Japan.

This is similar to Koshihikari but less gooey and not that smelly.

The price is reasonable so that this is the most popular rice in Japan.


Which rice do Japanese eat in Europe?


Therefore, we, Japanese who live in Europe, face a problem “ Which rice we can eat”.

To be honest, I would recommend you “Yumenishiki”.

As my Dutch life for 6 years, I have tried many rice which we can buy in here.

We can buy good Japanese rice here as well but the price is quite expensive.

Considering the price and taste, I would recommend “Yumenishiki” .

Yumenishiki is Koshihikari made in Italy.

This is rice is quite tasty as you can eat it as white rice, and the price is reasonable as well. 30-40 EUR / 10kg bag.

You can cook it for fried rice, for curry, and even for Risotto.

You can buy this in Chinese super market, on the web shop.

If you are willing to cook Japanese food, this is the best one as Japanese point of view.