Tonjitu (Pork miso soup) / 豚汁


Miso soup is representative soup of Japan.

Most of the people eat (drink?) it for every meal.

There are various variety of Miso soup in Japan, normal miso soup, Akadashi, Osuimono.

Here, I would like to introduce “Tonjiru”


Tonjiru ? Butajiru?

Tonjiru is , let’s say, pork miso soup.

There is a discussion between people who calls it Tonjiru or Butajiru.

70% of the people call it Tonjiru and another 30% call it Butajiru.

Some people really proud of how to call it, so there sometimes is fighting.

Both are correct name and it is super simple.

Ton(buta) = pork, Jiru=soup.


Cooking method is also simple.

Cut pork and ingredients in miso soup, that’s it.

Dashi comes out from pork and miso soup will be absolutely tasty.



Pork slice






Konjak (Chinese super market)

Spring onion

Konbu(sea weed) for the soup



Miso (Chinese super market)

Dashi(Chinese super market)




  1. Cut ingredients in small pieces.
  2. Put oil in a pot and grill pork
  3. Add the other ingredients and grill for a while.
  4. Add water and Dashi, boil it for 10 min.
  5. Add Miso and stair it carefully, boil it for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Stop heating and put it in the small bowl , add some spring onion on it.