Pork cutlet /とんかつ

Tonkatsu is Japanese style pork cutlet, looks like Schnitzel in EU.

Put flour around thick slice of pork, dip it in the row egg, put

Breadcrumbs and then fry it in oil.

There are two popular part, loin and filet.

Normally, loin parts is used Tonkatsu, and filet parts is called “Filetkatsu”.

Loin parts is more fat and juicy, filet part is less fat and healthy.

It is your own choice which parts you use.


Tonkatsu restaurant in Japan.


If you go to Japan, I recommend to visit Tonkatsu restaurant.

The taste is absolutely different than you own made.

Tonkatsu is served as Teishoku style, with rice, miso soup, shredded cabbage and source.

Most of the restaurant serve sesame with it, we grind it ourselves and put it in the source.

The rice and cabbage are normally all you can eat. You can tell staff for refill them.


Tonkatsu source


Without Tonkatsu source, Tonkatsu cannot be Tonkatsu.

If you make the source from the beginning, it is super difficult.

I recommend to buy it as most of Japanese just buy existing source because we do not know how to make it, haha. (Actually it can be made but it is too difficult and need long time.)

You can buy it Chinese super market.



Katsu curry


Once you put Tonkatsu on Curry rice, it becomes “Katsu curry”.

The combination of Katsu and curry is meccha umai!

Again, it is super easy, just put katsu on curry rice, that’s it.

Katsu sand(Katsu sandwich)


Once you sand the Katsu with breads, it becomes “Katsu sand”.

The combination of Katsu and bread is meccha umai!

Again, it is super easy , just sand Katsu with breads







Pork loin(filet)




Breadcrumbs (Chinese super market)

(can be made by white bread, just grate by cheese grate.)



  1. Chop pork loin and score all over the surface of it.
  2. Salt and pepper a bit.
  3. Put flour evenly and soak it in the egg
  4. Put Breadcrumb evenly.
  5. Fly it into the 160 ℃ oil, till the surface becomes yellow, take it out and drain excess oil.
  6. Fly it in the 180 ℃ oil again until the surface becomes a bit brown.
  7. Decorate on the plate and pour Tonkatsu source on it.