Thinly sliced pork / 豚の薄切り



I was so surprised when I came to Netherland in 2014.

I could not find thinly sliced meat in any super market. It is common and necessary to use thinly sliced meat for many recipes in Japan and you can easily find it in a super market.

Even thinly sliced meats account for major part the meat shop in Japan.

So it is, in a sense, impossible to cook Japanese food without using them.

Especially, thinly sliced pork (pork loin) are used for a lot of Japanese basic recipes, such as Okomomiyaki, pork ginger, Yakisoba, hotpot, etc..,

you can also use them for Chinese recipes!

I was shocked by the fact that I could not get thinly sliced meat in Netherland because it meant that I had to give up to cook come Japanese recipes in here.


Where to buy


However, one day my Japanese friend told me that I could buy thinly sliced meat in meat shops.

It was so easy solution, just I ask in a meat shop “I want to buy thinly sliced pork”.

Then shop staff kindly slice the meat as thin slice.

Since I noticed that I can buy the thinly sliced meat, my life in Netherland became a bit same as Japan.

Surprising thing is that my Dutch friend did not know how to get thinly sliced meat as well.

Of course it is not common to slice a meat as thin in Netherland and most of Dutch people are not interested in it.

But if you want to cook Japanese food, you cannot ignore.

Again, it is super easy, just tell in the meat shop. “ Thinly sliced meat AUB”

Most of meat shops recognize your requirement but if they do not know, please ask them to slice meat like ham.






Pork ginger

Butadon(rice bowl)

Yasai itame










Shabu Shabu

Yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ)