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Temaki-Zushi / 手巻き寿司

Temaki Sushi ( Actually correct pronunciation is Temaki-Zushi) When you go to Japanese restaurant, you will order Nigiri or Maki-zushi. Most of the people imagine that Japanese people cook Nigiri/Maki-zushi in each home. Actually, the answer is no. We basically do not cook such a sushi in our home. We normally cook Temaki sushi or […]

Simmered squid with radish / イカと大根の煮物

You can easily imagine what is this dish is like. Yes, this is just Simmered squid with radish, that’s it. This is typical home made Japanese food which is made in every single families as one of the dish of dinner. This is Basic Japanese recipe, requires basic seasoning and ingredients, simple and typical Japanese […]